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Larry Lisco

September 7, 2014

   My favorite brother and best friend passed away in Colorado Springs, CO. I had talked with Larry on Saturday before he left for a 3-mile hike in the woods. On Tuesday I got a call from brother Jack that Larry was found in his bed on Monday. It appears he passed sometime Sunday and is reported  to have looked “at peace”.


    I took Larry under my wing early in his life and turned him onto music which became a lifelong passion for him. The first concert I took him to was Lawrence Welk because I idolized his guitar player, James Burton (Ricky’s picker on the Ozzie&Harriet Show). I took Larry backstage and we actually saw Janet Lennon in her underwear, but that’s another story.


    Several years ago, I bought Larry a Nikon digital SLR and a couple of zoom lenses which unleashed another passion. I plan to create a gallery of his best photos very soon. Phatlarryskitchen.com will post a notice once I start putting the photos on this site.

You can contact me at ….


Gratefully Deadicated

    I’ve received the memory cards from Larry’s camera , a flash drive, external hard drive, and laptop. All photos have been uploaded to my PC. I’ll now begin the process of eliminating the bad shots, renaming the keepers and separating them into some type of order. There are close to 2,000 photos and it’s going to take a couple of months to finish with them. Rather than waiting to post them on this site, I’ll make frequent updates as I complete them.

    Posting of the photos is going well. I have two fractured ribs and am limited to the amount of time I can sit in this chair without taking a long break. But I’ve been able to put up a couple dozen each day.

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   This is a view from my back porch. It is actually a composite of 6-7 separate photos going left to right across the horizon. I then “stitched” the photos together on my computer to create the panorama.
    You can learn two things from this photo. First, I have a lot of time on my hands. Second, I have a passion for photography. I’ve been into photography for most of my life but only in the past several years have been able to devote the time to study and practice the art. Also, the advent of digital cameras and photo software have made it financially possible to pursue my hobby.
    I created a website and started posting results of my photo projects to share with family and friends. Before long it was getting thousands of hits each month from places like Russia, China, Iceland, Australia, etc..
    That certainly fueled my fire and as a result, this site is basically about my photography. I usually include some text to relate my experiences, but basically it’s all about the photos. Enjoy!


All Photo Galleries
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Archie’s World

General information about myself.


Hurricane Sunset

 This is a shot taken from my backyard the evening before Hurricane Irene slammed into the North Carolina coast.
  I was facing west and Irene was about 200 miles behind me.

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33rd Annual Beach Golf Trip

  The official 33rd annual Spring Trip was held at Myrtle Beach May 2-4, 2014.

  The golf outings were originally JP Stevens employees but very soon grew to “JPS employees, ex-employees, and friends.” On this trip, there were many more “friends” than original JPS golfers, including 4 rookies (all of whom, I really liked).

  Of course I can’t play golf anymore (some say I never could), but Debbie and I rode around some on Fri & Sat. Click anywhere in this box to see the photos I took.

My Books

   Here are my two photo coffee-table books I created when I used to have a life.  I still enjoy looking at them from time to time.

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