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    In the upper right area of my home page shows the last date that I updated the site. Most of the updates will be to this area devoted to Larry.

   The photos will be posted in their original format though resized for screen viewing and space-saving. If you want any of them cropped from the original for printing, contact me at:     archielisco@phatlarryskitchen.com

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Photos of Larry

    These will be photos of Larry. Some will be photos I’ve taken, some will have been taken by his friends and family. Eventually, there will be scanned photos of prints. Quality won’t be that good, but - hey, they’re photos of Larry?

The Last Party

    These are the last photos Larry took.

It was a party that he catered on Friday, September 5th.


     Larry has certainly been around beautiful parts of the country. These will be some of my favorites in that category.


    He loved to take pictures of birds, so I’ve got plenty of shots to choose from.

    Also some mammals he ran across in the mountains.


    This is where I’ll start to put photos I like, but don’t belong in the above galleries. No telling what I’ll find.

Food & Other Substances

    (No explanation needed.)

Larry’s Pets

     Some of Larry’s best pet photos over the years.

Flowers & Butterflies

    Spring and Summer were Larry’s favorite times for his photography. Lots of flowers and butterflies in the mountains.